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Digestion Formula

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5 component formula, based on plant extracts

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5 component formula, based on plant extracts

Digestion formula is a dietary supplement that contains a combination of herbal extracts of: peppermint, camomile, fennel, sage and garlic. This combination of natural substances supports the digestive system and stomach.
Human digestive system also known as alimentary , its primary task is to nurture the body by taking in food and water, digestion and absorption of nutrients necessary for proper functioning of the body and for removing the undigested, unwanted food remains. Nutrition is aimed to supply building materials needed for the growth and replacement of dead cells or tissues but also to feed the body with the energy material needed to conduce all life processes. Because we live in times where overproduction of food is current, we eat more and unfortunately we do not attach importance to the quality of food, we eat a lot, fat, fast and irregularly – it often results with so-called "stomach problems". To alleviate symptoms we usually reach for tested, homemade based on folk medicine and raw materials, which for centuries has been recommended in order to help the digestive process. The basic herb materials, that are helping the alimentary system are: peppermint, camomile, fennel, garlic, sage, cumin, artichoke. These plants contain a lot of chemical substances including ethereal oils, resins, glycosides, flavone, sugars, organic acids, terpenes, mineral salts, which are extracted from the plant in traditional way- by brewing or more technological way- ready, standardized extracts with a high concentration of active ingredients are added to products supporting alimentary system.
Pepper mint extract. Mint is one of the oldest plant that was and is recommended for indigestion and other digestive problems. Mint supports healthy digestion, has a positive impact on intestines, contributes to the proper functioning of alimentary canal and helps keep stomach healthy. Mint leaves are used as a herbal raw material for dried leaves, oil or extract. Peppermint leaves include peppermint oil, ascorbic acid, carotene, rutin, apigenin, betaine, and oleanolic and ursolic acids. Peppermint oil contains menthol (monoterpenes), which affects cold receptors, causing a cooling sensation, this feature makes menthol a cosmetic raw material (for example toothpaste) and a food ingredient (such as chewing gum, refreshing hard candies). Additionally, in mint ethereal oil are ingredients like: menthofuran, menthone, menthyl acetate, menthyl valerate, phellandrene, pinene, cineol, piperitone, jasmon, tannin, flavonoids. Fresh and dried mint is a popular spice often used in cooking as a natural supplement to help with digestion of fatty meats or heavy food.
The extract of fennel. Fennel is a biennial sometimes perennial naturally occurring in the Mediterranean area, rare in Poland. It has a wide range of application - from domesticated plant through cosmetic and herbal raw material, spice for food to an ornamental plant. In the art of cooking fennel is used as an aromatic plant with a strong aniseed flavor, added especially to soups. Infusion of fennel can be used for washing oily skin. In cosmetic industry fennel oil is used as an aroma added to toothpastes, mouthwashes, soaps and other cosmetics. Fruits are used as a raw material in herbal industry, containing about 6% of ethereal oils, flavonoids, protein compounds and fat oil – in traditional, folk medicine is attributed to carminative effect, antitussive, antispasmodic and stimulating the secretion of bile and gastric juices.
Camomile extract. Camomile is an herb with a delicate stem, growing wild, with characteristic, intense and pleasant aroma. Camomile has been known since ancient times and is used especially orally as an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic (of digestive system) drug. In Egypt, recognized for its soothing, cooling and antipyretic effects. In the countries of the Far East, it was added to the erotic mixtures. For centuries, was recommended by folk medicine in gynecological diseases, diseases of the stomach and intestines, and externally for all kinds of ulcerations, cuts and skin inflammations. In medicine and cosmetics primarily used oil is extracted from flowers. Camomile contains up to 1.5% of ethereal oils (including antiallergic chamazulene) as well as flavonoids, coumarins, terpenes, organic acids, bitter matter, resins, choline, vitamin C, potassium and manganese.
Sage extract. Salvia is a plant that comes from the Mediterranean area and for several centuries is grown in Poland. Sage helps support digestion , contributes to the normal functioning of the digestive system and helps in normal functioning of the stomach . Additionally, sage affects the perspiration – keeps it at a normal level . The leaves are used for preserves – they contain most of the ethereal oil . The active compounds of this plant are pirokatechin tannins , many phenolic acids, ethereal oil ( thujone , cineol , camphor , pinene ) , triterpenoid sapogenin , provitamin A, vitamin PP, B , C , and mineral salts.
Garlic extract . Garlic is a plants of the amaryllis family , which include about  700 species. It comes from Central Asia and as a domesticated plant came to Europe and to other continents. Cultivated in Babylon about 4500 years BC. It was well known also by ancient Egyptians , Greeks and Arabs . Almost magical powers are attributed to garlic – people believed that it protects from evil spirits and vampires. It is a vegetable , spice and a plant with healing properties . Although it was known for thousands of years , only in 1944 it has been tested and examined in the laboratory . It turned out that two sulfur compounds - allicin and diallyl trisulphide, are antiseptic (germicidal) and bacteriostatic . The active ingredients of garlic have very different effects  like supporting liver health and body's resistance to temporary stress. Garlic specimens are good for circulatory system - they contribute to a healthy heart and have a positive effect on the quality of the blood vessels . Additionally, it helps maintain proper level of cholesterol and lipids in blood. Thanks to the ingredients structurally similar to antibiotics, garlic is often called a natural antibiotic and is frequently used during periods of increased susceptibility to disease in order to strengthen immune function.

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