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FA Core Mass Bar

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12 x 100 g  chocolate almond caramel 
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MASS BAR IS A MEAL REPLACEMENT PRODUCT FOR WEIGHT CONTROL MASS BAR is a meal replacement bar for weight control during an energyrestricted diet. Each bar is a highly concentrated protein source – 31 g per 100 g of product and is also rich in vitamins and minerals. Each delicious 100 g bar can be eaten before training and provide the body everything what you need, and at the same time eliminate discomfort during exercise, associated with a full stomach after eating a traditional meal. MASS BAR is the perfect choice for those who want to build muscle mass, lose or maintain weight, and every person with an active lifestyle who quickly need to eat a nutritious, healthy meal and do not have enough time to prepare a traditional meal. 

ManufacturerFA Nutrition

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