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Glutamine GL6 293g

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ADVANCED FORMULA SUPPLEMENTING THE DIET WITH L-GLUTAMINE, TAURINE AND BETA-GLUCAN. THE PERFECT COMBINATION FOR ATHLETES IN THE PERIOD OF INCREASED PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Glutamine GL6 is the highest quality product supplementing the daily diet with various forms of L-glutamine, taurine and beta-glucan. Researches conducted at the Cathedral of biochemistry at Oxford University have shown that L-glutamine significantly enhances the immune system by minimizing the number of infections among examined athletes

[1]. In addition, researches conducted at Loughborough University, UK, shows an important role of L-glutamine in muscle protein synthesis and glycogen [2]. In one dose Glutamine GL6 deliver the body specially designed formula containing up to four different forms of glutamine: glutamine alpha-ketoglutarate (2000 mg), L-glutamine peptides (1000 mg), L-glutamine (1000 mg) and L-glutamine malate (1000 mg). The use of such an innovative and extensive range of amino acids, makes it absorbed in different ways. It is important to remember that by enriching our diet with L-glutamine we indirectly increase the amount of glutathione – a substance that is described in the literature as a compound with antioxidant, resulting in the protection of cells against free radicals [3]. We did not forget about the support of the nervous system – in Glutamine GL6, for the maintenance of the nervous system in good shape corresponds Taurine, which works well as a neurotransmitter [4]. GLUTAMINE GL6 is enriched with beta-1.3-glucan. Researches conducted at the University of Louisville (USA) shows that beta-glucan has a positive effect on both humoral and cellular immune response.

ManufacturerFA Nutrition

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