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GO + L-Carnitine Gel

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6x60ml Lemon 
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Product Description

Energy gel with added carnitine to increase fat metabolism:
• 20 grams of carbohydrate per gel
• Formulation delivers energy fast
• 1g of carnitine per gel
About SiS GO + L-Carnitine Gel
The SiS GO Gels + Carnitine builds on the established science of the Go Gels by not only delivering a rapid supply of easily digestible carbohydrates (20 grams per gel) for energy but also, providing 1 gram of carnitine per gel. It has also been believed by scientists that increasing our muscles’ store of carnitine is now considered as one of the most effective methods to increase fat metabolism during prolonged moderate-intensity exercise.
Why should I take this gel?
In order to achieve high rates of fat utilization during exercise, carnitine is required to help transport fat into the mitochondria, the muscle’s powerhouse where we burn fat for a fuel. During prolonged exercise and periods of high-intensity exercise, carnitine stores can become reduced meaning we have to increase the use of carbohydrate as a fuel, which can lead to fatigue. Fortunately, increasing the carnitine stores in the muscles before exercise ensures we can increase fat utilization therefore effectively sparing the use of our limited carbohydrate stores for later use during exercise. As such, we now have more carbohydrate available for when we really need it such as those hard parts of the training session or race. The use of SiS GO Gels + Carnitine is especially beneficial for prolonged training sessions or races where exercise will last two hours or more.

ManufacturerScience In Sport

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