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Reload Flapjack

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Quick Overview

Grenade® Reload Protein Flapjacks are a convenient way to consume high quality protein in-between meals.   

12 bars Banoffee Blast 
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12 bars Chocolate Browning 
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12 bars Coconut Chaos 
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12 bars Fused Fruit 
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Product Description

Grenade® Reload Protein Flapjacks are a convenient way to consume high quality protein in-between meals. They are high in protein and over one third of the carbs in Reload Flapjacks are from indigestible fibre and so contribute only a tiny fraction of the calories as compared to other carbohydrates. Fibre also doesn’t raise blood sugar and cause unwanted spikes in insulin. Reload Flapjacks also contain no refined sugars.

To avoid the protein being heated and potentially denatured, the oats are pre baked and the protein added afterwards making this product unique and one of the highest quality and best tasting bars on the market. Unlike other bars, Grenade Reload Protein Flapjacks contain no hydrolyzed gelatin/collagen, which other brands add to increase the protein content. With over 22% protein per bar, Grenade Reload Protein Flapjacks are available in 3 flavors: Chocolate Browning, Banoffee Blast and Fused Fruit.

Product Highlights:

·         Over 22% protein per 70g bar

·         Tri Source Protein Blend

·         Sustained release carbs

·         No added refine sugars – contains only naturally occurring fruit sugars

·         Only 3% saturated fats so keeping unwanted calories to a minimum

·         Great tasting, oven baked bar



Container Size: 1 Box
Serving Size: 1 Flapjack (70g)
Servings Per Container: 12

Amount Per Serving:

Total Calories: 272
Protein: 16.2g
Total Carbohydrates: 29.6g
-Sugars: 16.6g
-Dietary Fibre: 14.8g
Fat: 9g
-Saturates: 2.4g
Sodium: 0.1mg


Oat Blend (Jumbo Oats, Rolled Oats, Oat Bran), Oligofructose, Protein Blend (Soy Protein Isolate, Defatted Soya Flour, Whey Protein Concentrate, Casein Protein), Invert Syrup, Rapeseed Oil [Vegetable Oil, Water, Emulsifier (E471)], Natural Flavour.

Please Note: Nutritional facts and ingredients may vary slightly between flavours.


A convenient way to consume additional protein in between meals or whilst on deployment.

Grenade® Reload Protein Flapjacks should be consumed as part of a balanced diet. 


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